Step Aside B2B, B2C. It’s Now Time for H2H, P2P

At the end of the machine, and of the business entity is a human being who makes the conscious decision to become your buyer.

This is blatantly obvious. Why do I need to point this out?

Today, B2B means a business using every creative means possible to stand out from a crowd of other similar businesses, in a virtual setup, to sell to another business that enjoys a variety of sellers to choose from.

Human to Human as Opposed to Business to Business

Your primary element is the human you’re selling to and what ways you can employ to convince the human to not only buy from you but also remain your loyal customer.

What does it take to deliver H2H strategies?

Good copy, therefore, captures this point of contact, identify the needs of your customers and delivers the solution.

You have to know the purpose for every strategy you employ and whether they are ultimately tied to the requirements, persona and need of your target human.



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